Have you ever considered using video to sell something online? Well, you should! It’s not an uncommon notion that we shop with our eyes; making video the perfect opportunity to show off features and really sell something to the buyer.

A well-shot video can be an excellent way to create awareness and increase the interest, and even the value, of your boat, motorbike RV or car when selling. Video is a tried and tested way of appealing to customers and allows the seller to highlight the best features of each vehicle and stand out from the thousands of other options online. After you have shot your promotional video, this can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms and within minutes be exposed to have millions of motor traders and independent buyers. This is an invaluable way of directly advertising to your target audience. To help you get your vehicle up online, here’s our tips for creating a sale-worthy video.

Keep it short and sweet

The optimum length for a video to be uploaded to YouTube is around 3 minutes. You will also need to ensure that your video includes all the essential details and selling points – the boat’s make, model, year and a (any special features); make sure you have all these details on hand before you start so you don’t miss anything.

No hard sales techniques.

A relaxed sales pitch often goes down much better and comes across as more genuine. A description which is too confusing or full of jargon can be off-putting to potential customers and drive them away.

Make sure your video background looks the part

Enhance the visual quality of your video by shooting your vehicle somewhere quiet with as much space around it as possible. If possible, shoot your video in an attractive location – this will in turn make your vehicle more attractive and appealing – think of it as selling a lifestyle.

Pro Tip: If possible, do your recording in the “golden hour”. This minimises shadows and makes use of inviting light. Reflections and shadows are not your friend – so try to minimise them where possible.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Okay, so you don’t need to know your lines off by hard and practice again and again, but a quick run through can work wonders for your confidence and the end video result. Know what you want to say on camera and which specific features you would like to highlight. If you would rather add the sound afterwards, you can read from a script and avoid appearing on camera.

Pro Tip: Start the video from a distance with a walk around of the complete vehicle – then zoom in as you focus on specific aspects.

Once you have posted your video and your vehicle quickly sells, come see our team at National Finance Solutions and let us help you find the perfect new toy for you. Whether it’s a boat, motorbike, caravan, campervan, car or anything else; National Finance Solutions can help you find the perfect fit as well as the perfect competitive finance option for your lifestyle and needs. Get an obligation free quote online here, or use our online repayment calculator to find out how much you can borrow.