It comes as a bit of a shock that Australians suddenly woke up one morning and fuel prices have gone through the roof. It doesn’t matter what major city, suburb or rural town you live in, at the pump, everyone is feeling the sting.

With Aussies fearing the prices will keep heading towards $2 a litre, the idea of an affordable family holiday becomes trickier. Travelling by car is by far the best option when it comes to having the most freedom, especially when holidaying in Australia. So, we’ve come up with a few small tips that may assist in extending your liquid gold just a few extra miles. These will hopefully reduce the big burning hole the Australian fuel prices are creating in everybody’s pocket.

Plan Your Route

We can’t stress enough how important it is to plan your trip in advance. By planning ahead, you can save on fuel and distance rather than sitting in peak hour traffic and chewing through gas unnecessarily.

Lighten your load

It’s quite simple, the heavier the load, the higher fuel consumption. It’s best to avoid bringing too much luggage or overpacking. We advise that you remove any unused seats, car racks, bike racks or any excessive items that could be weighing your car down.

Service your car

Check your vehicle into an auto shop and have it inspected for wear and tear. Small things like low transmission fluid, brake fluid and tyre pressure, can all contribute to extra fuel consumption. A good car service before any road trip will prevent your engine from being overworked as well as extend your fuel economy and prevent any unexpected breakdowns!

Buy Fuel at Dawn or Dusk

Believe it or not, fuel expands and contracts in hot and cold conditions. Fuel is at its densest form in the cooler mornings or nights. The result is that you get slightly more combustible matter for every litre! Therefore, by filling up your car during the cooler times will result in extended driving range and fuel efficiency.

Avoid Stopping and Starting

Sudden starts and stops in your car is coined the term ‘drag.’ This greatly affects your fuel economy as your vehicles chews up more petrol when performing these actions. Therefore, try driving at a consistent and moderate speed in order to save on fuel. If you can, try utilizing the cruise control feature!

Schedule Driving Times

Before you hit the road, consider when the best time to drive is. It’s no surprise that the Australian heat can be quite unbearable at times, so try to imagine how your car engine performs in the extreme conditions. Scheduling to drive outside midday times will prevent your engine from overheating, reduce fuel consumption and put less stress on your vehicles overall performance.

Pack Wisely

It may be a simple tip but ensure that you go supply shopping before your holiday. It’s an easy mistake to make, yet people often waste more fuel driving around aimlessly in search for items they don’t have. It’s best to have all your food, drink and emergency supplies at the ready to save time and money.

Download Fuel Apps

We urge our endeavouring holidaymakers to look into the free petrol comparison apps. Some examples that are currently available on Android and Apple devices include MotorMouth, GasBuddy and Fuel Check (for NSW motorists). This will assist you in your hunt for finding the best prices at service stations in your area.

With our handy fuel saving tips, we’re certain that your next road trip won’t cost you an arm and a leg. At National Finance Solutions, we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s most trusted finance brokers. Our team can help you find a suitable loan for that perfect holiday vehicle which will take your next road trip to better locations! We will work hard to quickly source the funds you need at a rate you can afford. Call National Finance Solutions on 1300 13 50 50 or get an online quote today.