Have you ever thought to take your boating and fishing adventures to the next level? Are you are a seeking a new experience and wanting to explore a new adrenaline rush whilst reeling in your next big catch? We think spearfishing could be the next hobby for you!

Spearfishing is the act of remaining calm in the water, whilst waiting for fish to swim around before using a spear gun to snag them.

Spearfishing has evolved into a very sophisticated sport over the years. This has seen hundreds of retail stores now filled with an array of equipment, options and styles. Whilst this can be quite an overwhelming experience for any beginner, it is important to take it back to the basics.

Before you pull the trigger on your next coral trout, here are the top 8 essentials you will need to tackle your new hobby!


As you are new to the sport it is best to start with a smaller, less powerful gun than what a seasoned professional would use. As your freediving progresses and you begin to catch bigger fish an upgrade will be necessary however a standard two-band, 90-centimetre wooden gun is a great start. These are easy to handle and ideal for smaller scaled fish.

Mask and snorkel

Finding the right mask can be difficult as there is nothing worse than having one that creates foggy vision or leakage. When buying a mask it is important to test if the fit is right. You can do so by pressing it against your face  (without strapping) and seeing if it will stay, by sucking through your nose. Rubbing toothpaste on the inside of the mask is a great tip to prevent fogging and a simple J-shaped snorkel without purge valves or splash flaps are all you need.

Weight belt

Weight belts are an essential tool for spearfishing as it ensures you get the depth and distance you need whilst diving underwater. A quick release buckle is a great safety feature to have if you need to surface quickly and while everyone is different, ideally you should wear a weight that takes your body to zero buoyancy after you exhale.


Once you spear a fish, a knife comes in handy to quickly and humanely dispatch it. Big knives aren’t necessary as they simply get in the way, so a small knife with a sharp edge is ideal. Should you get tangled or need to reach for a knife quickly, it’s a good idea for it to be strapped conveniently on your body.


Spearfishing wetsuits are extremely helpful to keep you warm and protected from abrasive reefs or other marine animals. Spearfishing wetsuits are purposeful as they have a built-in pad on your chest to make reloading your spear gun more comfortable as well as the camouflage designs to help you blend in with reefs.


Spearfishing fins are longer and narrower as they help you propel down to the depths you want as well as help you to swim through currents and waves with ease. Fins that fit well shouldn’t give you blisters nor should they fall off whilst you dive.

Float, flag and float line

A float and flag are important safety essentials to make sure you don’t lose your spear gun in the water as well as alert any water traffic of your presence underneath. A float line is an attachment lying between the float and your spear gun that allows you to let go of your gun whilst underwater and surface for air without losing your equipment.

Remember you’re going to have to swim, dive, hold your breath, equalize and aim for the fish. This takes practice, patience and time! Very rarely do beginners catch fish the first few times out in the ocean, so just remember to have fun! A great spearfishing boat will also enhance this new learning experience as you can reach new diving depths and discover untouched hidden gems in further locations.

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