Caravanning is a popular pastime for retirees and young Australians alike. Hitting the open road in a caravan or camper provides a sense of freedom and enjoyment that is wonderful to experience. Because know what an investment a caravan is and that you want to keep in in the best shape not only for your safety on the road but also for its resale value, we have put together a list of tips for storing your pride and joy to keep it in the best possible shape. If you remember to do these few simple things, your caravan will keep it’s battery life longer and be pest and odour free; ready to hit the road in a moment’s notice!


Keep it covered/out of the weather

Caravans and campers are no small vehicle, so it can be hard to keep them in a garage if you don’t have the capacity. One of the best decisions people make is buying a cover or a temporary carport they can store their caravan under. This can stop leaves, trees and paint-damaging bird poo etc from falling onto it. It also pays to get a cover for your caravan. These are relatively inexpensive and will stop sun getting into your caravan windows and damaging the furniture.


Give your tyres a break

When you are storing your caravan, it’s good to ease the pressure on your tyres. If you don’t have an independent trailing arm suspension system for your caravan, you can always jack it off the ground and put wood block under the axels. The general lifespan of tyres is 5 years, at which point the rubber will deteriorate when left in the sun for long period. Choosing a nice shady spot and keeping a cover on the caravan and tyres will help keep your tyres in shape for as long as possible.


Don’t drain the caravan’s battery

When storing your caravan or camper, be sure to turn off all digital clocks, lights, GPS and tracking systems and anything that will use your battery. This is especially true when it comes to lithium-ion batteries. To prevent your battery going flat, you can connect a 240V power source, use portable solar panels or you can install a fail-safe cut-off device that is triggered when the battery is at a low level.


Remove all food and clean out the fridge

Before putting your caravan away for the offseason, make sure you cleaning out all food and wipe down the fridge and benches in your vehicle. Not doing so will only invite cockroaches, rats and other pests into your caravan. You should also make sure to leave your cleaned and dried fridge ajar to prevent any moulds or odours from developing.


Discard any unused water

Any water left in your caravan after being stored for weeks or months is stale and potentially dangerous, so be sure to discard it all. This includes the water from your reservoirs, toilet cassette and flush tank. Leave these to air out for a few hours but make sure to replace the cap to prevent bugs or ants from getting into the system.


Take care of the outside, too!

Cleaned and taken care of your caravans interior using the tips above? Make sure you don’t neglect the outside, either! By applying a wax to the caravan, lubricant on the hitches and corner jacks and a rust-proofer, you’ll extend the life and look of your caravan, giving you a much higher resale value. The best part? These products are super affordable and easy to use!


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