Aussies love their holidays, but far too often we put them off for a whole variety of the wrong reasons, resulting in long gaps between holidays. Working 5, 6 or 7 days a week for months or years on end can lead to everyone becoming frustrated, tired and stressed. Even if you take your annual leave and stay at home, it’s not really a rest and doesn’t do you half as much good as taking a true break by going away on holiday.

So let’s look at three of the most common reasons why Aussies postpone their holidays and see if we can find a solution that will have you packing your bags, revving up the engine and heading for the beach!

Everyone is too busy for a holiday

How many times have you taken annual leave and ended up landscaping the garden, painting the house, renovating the bathroom or running yourself ragged doing hundreds of jobs that you can’t normally fit into your working week? Even if you manage to squeeze in a few day trips to the beach or the country, it’s never enough to help you rest and recuperate from your busy life and before you can turn around, you are back at work sooner than you can blink!

What you should really be doing is prioritising your holidays and making everything else fit in around your holiday schedule. After all, running yourself ragged isn’t going to help anyone, but when you are happy and rested at the end of a well-deserved holiday, you can cope much better with everything that life throws at you. In fact, you could go so far as to say that the world owes you a holiday and start organising it this very weekend!

We can’t afford a holiday!

You might have put plans in place for a grand holiday and then the car decides to do what it has been threatening to do for the past few years and completely dies on you. All the money you were saving for your holiday now gets diverted into buying a new family car and your holiday goes out the window again.

We all know that emergencies happen and you can’t manage without a decent car that actually works or the roof has suddenly sprung a leak in the rain and needs to be fixed pronto or you are totally fed up with the muddy driveway and you will leave if it doesn’t get concreted right now today!

All of these calamities need financing, but when you keep putting off your holiday to cover these emergency repairs and when you know you really need to have a serious holiday for a few weeks, life can really start to suck.

We’re saving for a house!

How’s that going for you? With the cost of real estate constantly rising across Australia, it seems like they keep moving the goal posts and you never quite catch up! Saving for a deposit on a home is admirable, but there is only so long you can go without a holiday before you blow a gasket!

Maybe you can approach your savings from a different angle and instead of trying to save a specific amount each month, maybe set a yearly savings target instead? If you divide this amount by 10, then once you have reached your yearly savings target, you can put the other two months’ savings towards a really great holiday. In other words, set up a budget for your holiday and don’t let anything get in your way of actually having your holiday!

If all else fails and you know that you need a holiday, but something always comes up to either redirect your savings or your time, the easy solution is to take out a personal loan and give yourself and everyone in your family the holiday they deserve. This removes all the stress of saving for your holiday only to find out that something else has eaten into your savings and your holidays will have to be postponed again.

Sometimes, a flexible and manageable loan can be the ideal solution, allowing your family to re-set and then get back to the real world, relaxed and ready to do it all over again!

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