Just like your other safety gear, such as your helmet, gloves and boots, choosing the right motorcycle jacket is such more than just a fashion statement. Your motorcycle jacket is your comfort and protection while you are riding, so the material used and functionality of the jacket is of the upmost importance. Let’s take a look at the different materials and types of jackets available and which might be the best choice for you.


Leather motorcycle jackets don’t just look tough; they are. Because leather jackets are thicker and have several layers, they have added protection from scrapes and scratches. The best part? Leather moulds to your body shape and only get more comfortable with age. When purchasing a leather jackets, there’s a few things you need to be aware of. Because of the way leather jackets are stitched at the seams, they can come apart if under extreme force, such as a rider hitting the ground. The best way to combat this is to buy a leather jacket with as few seams as possible and those seams should have 3 rows of stitching at a minimum and be covered by another layer of lining where possible.

Sports Jackets

Made with the more adventurous riders in mind, sports jackets are made from materials which are more flexible and breathable than their leather counterparts, making them a more comfortable option. Sports jackets also have the added benefit of colourful designs and features such as vents and zipper flaps which ensure your back and arms are even better protected.  We love this Macna-Sektor Adventure jacket from Australian Motorcycle Accessories which has extra cooling capabilities thanks to its SCS Lite Ventilation system.

Textile Jackets

Textile jackets come I many shapes, sizes and materials. Whether you need something thick, lightweight, waterproof, or with many ventilation pockets for riding in severe heat; there’s a textile jacket to suit everyone’s needs. On top of these varying styles, there’s also other enhancements which can provide added safety and comfort to your jacket. This includes armour, which can be built onto the shoulder, elbow and back areas of the jacket. A lot of cool weather jackets can still be used in warm weather if they have the appropriate ventilation and perforation zips and/or buttons as these can be used to getting air and cool breeze through the jacket.

Just like finding the perfect motorbike for you needs, similar can be said about your jacket. It’s important to find a jacket that not only meets your safety needs but also suits the type of riding you will be doing. National Finance Solutions can help you find your dream bike as well as all the safety gear and accessories you need at a flexible and affordable rate. Call us today on 1300 13 50 50 or apply for a free quote online here