Motorhomes are becoming extremely popular throughout Australia.  According to Caravan Industry Association of Australia in December 2017 there were 1,775 new registrations lodged within Australia and 21,792 renewals. According to Tourism Research Australia, the second largest group of motorhome owners are families with children. If you are thinking of joining their ranks with your family, you might be wondering if travelling with children in a motorhome will be a help or a hindrance.  Here are a few helpful tips to help you enjoy your motorhome with your kids.


Start small and work your way up

Although motorhomes are spacious in comparison to a tent they are quite cramped in comparison to the family home you share with your kids. So it can be a bit of a shock for your kids to suddenly be in such confined quarters with you and each other. Rather than planning a two-week holiday right off the bat, start with a weekend away to get you all used to being in each other’s pockets.  Once they know what to expect and you have all found your own way of coping with being on top of each other, then you can think about taking longer adventures together.


Pick a motorhome with a bit of space

When it was just you and your partner, a nice cosy little RV might have been romantic and just perfect for your needs, but now you have added children to the mix you might want to consider a larger vehicle, something where the kids can have a little space from you (and vice versa).  Yes, it will be more expensive than the smaller RVs, but you’ll appreciate it in the long run when your holidays aren’t made more difficult by a child needing space.


Keep the kids entertained

While you and your partner might love watching the scenery zoom by for hours on end, this might become a little tiresome for your energy filled children.  Thankfully we are living in the age of technology where portable DVD players, laptops and tablets are all at your disposal.  If you would rather not have their faces glued to a screen the whole time, then consider packing things specific to their interests. Motorhomes allow a little more stretching space while travelling, so thankfully they can have a bit of elbow room to enjoy activities like board games, puzzles, dolls or building blocks that would have been a lot harder to use in the backseat of a car


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