We’ve all been told not to stereotype, but let’s face it, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.  When it comes to certain types of drivers this is especially true.  In a recent study, a team of psychologists researched the driving psychology of road safety and found that there are seven primary personality patterns drivers adopt while on the road.  Apparently, these seven personality types are formed to help us cope with the driving behaviours of other motorists on the road with us.

Which type of driver are you?

The Know-it-all

Without even explaining this stereotype I bet you’ve already pictured someone you know.  That driver that is adamant that they are not the ones at fault, it is everyone else around them that is an incompetent, useless driver. The know-it-all will shout or blast their horn without a second thought to who is at fault in any driving situation.

The Teacher

The teacher is the second most common driver you will encounter on Australian roads. The teacher knows all the laws and will be quick to make sure that everyone else around them knows them too. The teacher will be the first to shake their head at you disapprovingly if you fail to uphold the letter of the law.

The Punisher

The punisher is the scary one that you see in road rage stories on the news.  These are the ones that slam on their breaks, throw open the door and tell you (or show you) exactly what they think of you!

The Competitor

As the name would suggest, the competitor has to be first, first to the lights, first to take off and happy to ignore traffic laws if it means they can jump ahead of you. If, god forbid they do get stuck behind you, their frustration and annoyance with you will be so palpable that you will happily welcome the overtaking lane to come and take them out of your life.

The Avoider

Don’t expect eye contact or any acknowledgment at all from the avoider.  They will determinedly pretend that you are not there in a desperate hope to avoid any conflict, real or imagined.

The Escapee

These naughty drivers are more and more prevalent on Australian roads and are becoming a real concern. If you have ever seen someone looking at their phone when they should be looking at the road then you have encountered an escapee.  They are so focused on everything else except the road (their phone, a conversation, a good song on the radio) there is no way they can be capable of driving safely. This lack of attention was highlighted by the study to be one of the main reasons for accidents.

The Philosopher

Probably the one stereotype we really should all be aiming for.  The philosopher reacts appropriately to the bad drivers around them and simply chooses to focus on making sure they are driving safely and lawfully.


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