Many Australians own a caravan, camper trailer or RV and their numbers are increasing every year. However, whilst Australia has a great climate all year round, most of us tend to hook up our mobile homes during the summer months, avoiding the cooler winter season.

After all, when you can stay nice and cosy at home during the winter, why bother going on the road? Well, there are some perks to travelling around Australia during the cooler months, from avoiding traffic on the roads to paying less at camping grounds and even not being inundated with tourists!

Avoiding traffic snarls during winter

We have all been stuck in traffic jams when the sun is blazing down, the kids are cranky and you aren’t going anywhere soon. The summer season and school holidays are peak times on our roads for holiday makers and tourists, resulting in a huge increase in traffic and plenty of frustration.

So when you go on holiday, the last thing you want is to be stuck in traffic, which makes the winter season the ideal time to hook up the caravan or camper trailer, or even dust off the old RV and hit the roads. You can’t avoid all of the traffic of course, and depending on the route you take to your holiday destination, you might still hit peak hour traffic at times.

The point is that you avoid the mad rush of holidaymakers on the roads during summer, giving yourself a better opportunity to enjoy a nice quiet, relaxing drive in the country.

Paying less at camping grounds

Costs at caravan and camping grounds can be significantly higher during the peak season in summer and if you want a powered site, these costs can rise to as much as $50 or $60 in some of the more popular camping sites This all adds up to some serious money over a one or two-week summer holiday.

Another problem is that many of the most popular camping grounds are booked up months in advance and you can be hard pressed to find any spots left during summer. On the other hand, during winter, you can just about find a great camping spot anywhere around Australia, even in the most popular holiday destinations.

Taking your caravan, camper trailer or RV on the road clearly is cheaper than paying for hotels and motels, but it can be even cheaper if you travel during the off-peak winter season. This is because these camping grounds need to increase their revenue during the quiet times, so they drop their prices to encourage people to stay with them.

You can often pay heavily discounted prices at camping grounds during the winter, giving you the opportunity to save money and have more holidays!

Dodging all the tourists

During the summer, just about everyone is on the road going somewhere and that includes visiting all of the popular tourist destinations. If you are lucky enough to find a vacant site in a camping ground during the summer months, you are often cheek by jowl in the camping ground, on the beaches and at all of the tourist attractions.

During winter, however, while everyone else is staying at home, you can be having the run of the camping grounds, the beaches and all of the wonderful tourist attractions. As you can appreciate, travelling with your caravan, camper trailer or RV during winter in Australia has some serious benefits for everyone in the family.

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