It’s no secret that looking for a loan can be a nightmare. If you’re looking for finance, there are countless lenders in the industry and it can be hard to know if you are getting the most competitive deal that suits your needs. Some people are under the impression that going straight to your current bank is the best idea, but there are countless reasons why you should consider using a finance broker. They can generally offer a more competitive rate, a more personalised experience, and more. Read on as we cover the advantages to using a broker over a bank when it comes to getting a loan.

We do the hard labour

We negotiate with the banks, as well as other credit providers to arrange the best possible loans for our customers. With a large and trustworthy network of lenders that work with us, we’re able to provide the most competitive rates and terms available. This is a huge advantage as it saves our customers countless hours with quotes and seemingly endless phone calls from every provider.

A more personalised experience

Because we’re not a bank, we offer our clients a personalised solution that’s specific to your needs. Do you need specific payment terms or you need finance for a specific and niche product? Unlike banks, we have the expertise to offer a solution just for you. This is especially true for farming machinery or certain leisure assets such as jet skis.

A broker can go where banks can’t

Every time you apply for a loan and are turned down, it can mark your credit history. This can then affect any future finance applications you make. Brokers use specialised software to gain information and assess your personal situation. This means they can match you with a lender that’s most likely able to lend you the money you need.  By identifying lenders prior to making an application, you’re less likely to be turned down. This process also increases your chances of approval in the future, as you won’t have a negative mark on your credit history.

At National Finance Solutions, we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s most trusted finance brokers. We proudly provide an outstanding range of services, specialising in leisure asset finance. Whatever your needs, whether it be a new boat, motor bike, caravan or family car; we have the solution! We work hard, ensuring our customers get the finance they need through an efficient and stress-free process. Simply contact us today for a fast and free quote today and you can start living a life of leisure, sooner.