Buying a boat is a huge lifestyle decision, so you need to make sure that you purchase the right boat for your needs and one that is also within your budget. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of boats that are popular with Aussies, so you can decide which one is best for your needs.



There is a wide range of boats within the category, from small dinghies to major ocean-going models. However, if you want a sailboat, then undoubtedly you are an experienced sailor and will already know the type of keel, number of sails and the size of boat you need.


Water-ski boat

If you love water-skiing on the ocean, rivers or dams in Australia, then you might prefer a boat that is specifically designed for this type of water sport. Acceleration is one of the major buying factors, as is the shape of the keel and placement of the engine, all of which needs to reduce the wake for the safety of the skiers in the water.


Motor yacht

These large ocean-going yachts feature powerful twin engines and can stay out on the water for days and weeks at a time. With a galley, sleeping berths, air conditioning, electrical generator and plenty of deck space, these yachts are a home from home on the water.


Fishing boat

If you want to fish in shallow water then you need a Bass boat that has a low profile and can take you where the fish are biting. Generally used for freshwater fishing, a Bass boat is also ideal for lakes and rivers. On the other hand, you might prefer a cabin cruiser that is built for rougher offshore waters with a bait well and fish lockers on the deck and a T-top for plenty of shade.



You can use a catamaran for fishing trips and for cruising holidays with the family. With both powered and sailing catamarans available, there are plenty of options on the market, depending on your requirements.


Cuddy cabins

These multi-purpose boats have a closed deck over the bow and are quick and manoeuvrable. They are perfect for either fishing or cruising and are ideal for lakes, dams, rivers and shallow ocean waters. Some have a small sleeping area under the bow and even a toilet, sink and cooking facilities as well.



Many campers opt for an inflatable dingy that can easily be carried on the roof of their 4WD and dropped into the water at their destination. Great for fishing and cruising, an inflatable can manoeuvre in shallow coastal waters and is usually powered by a small outboard motor.


Game boat

These must be every fisherman’s dream boat, specifically designed for big game fishing, such as tuna and marlin. The larger models often have sleeping berths, toilets, and showers, as well as a galley and can stay out for days at a time. Smaller versions will have fewer options for overnight stays, but will still be designed for making game fishing as easy as possible.



Often one of the cheapest of the boats, these runabouts are open boats with forward controls and no cabin space, except for lockers to stow away safety equipment. They can be used for fishing or cruising and are often used for water sports as well.


You can spend anything from $1000 upwards on a boat, depending on whether you buy new or second hand, the type of boat, the size of the engine and all of the additional features.

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