Who doesn’t love fishing? It’s one of those classic Australian pass times that are so much fun to do with your family. Kids love to be out on the water, messing around on boats, getting wet, swimming and catching the ‘fish of the day’!

There is nothing quite like spending quality time with your family on the water and fishing is a great way to not only enjoy yourselves, but to also teach your kids a new skill and reinforce your family bond. The problem is that hiring a boat every time you want to go out on the water can be quite expensive in the long run.

This is why owning your own fishing boat is such a good idea, for the following 10 reasons:


Enjoy quality family time

In today’s world of smart phones, iPads, iPods and computer games, it can be difficult to spend any quality time with your children. On the water however, you can make everyone leave their phones and other paraphernalia at home, which leaves the kids with no option but to have some real fun!


Stress free lifestyle

Fishing and being out on your boat with your family helps you to distress from your busy life and stop worrying about your daily problems. All you have to do is to forget everything except having a great time with your kids and catching fish.


Enjoy nature when fishing

How often do kids get out and enjoy nature anymore? When we were kids we were off down the fields, catching tadpoles in the streams and generally running amok outside. Today, kids just don’t have the same experiences, but at least when they are out on the water with you, they will be exposed to all that nature has to offer.


Education and teaching moments

Teaching your kids’ a new skill is a wonderful way to spend quality time together as a family. As a parent, you can help your kids to learn how to fish correctly, and how to understand the ocean or river, all of which gives them more confidence and pride in themselves.


A sense of discipline

Learning discipline is something that is lost to many of today’s kids, but when they are on a boat and learning to fish, discipline is a must. Fishing helps kids to learn that hard work doesn’t always pay off, but if you apply yourself, learn the right skills and give it enough time, you will eventually catch your fish!


Share a hobby with the family

If you love to fish, then introducing your children into the world of fishing can be both fun and educational. We all want our kids to enjoy their lives and if they learn to love fishing as much as you, then you have given them a hobby that will last a lifetime.


Catch your ‘Fish of the Day’

Too many of our kids think that fish comes from the supermarket, however when you fish for your dinner, they soon learn that this is not true. It is good for our kids to understand where our food actually comes from and to feel pride in themselves when they have helped to catch the fish for your family’s meal.


Boating is a great way to beat the summer heat, but you still need to be careful of the sun, particularly when you have kids on board. So make sure that you have sufficient shade, lots of drinking water and sunscreen as well. Don’t forget all of the safety gear you need when you are on the water and you can even teach your kids all about being safe on the ocean as well.


Owning your own fishing boat is one way you can really pull your family together, helping your kids to learn new skills and to become more aware of nature. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and get yourself a fishing boat, then you’ve probably already done countless hours of research. The last thing you want to do now is try and compare different financial lenders to find the best loan. That’s where National Finance Solutions can help. We’ll compare loan offers from a wide range of lenders and present you with only the best options. With our simple application process, we’ll give you a comprehensive quote, quickly so you don’t have to wait. We know you’re busy so sit back and let us take care of everything. You’ll be on the water in no time at all.

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