Are you dithering between buying a car or a motorcycle? Well, why not buy both! Many people purchase a car because they have a family and a car makes sound financial sense. After all, you need a car to take the kids to school, sports activities, birthday parties and a host of other family related activities.


On the other hand, if you want to feel the wind in your hair and have the freedom to take off down the bitumen, meet great people, feel cool and look like a man who has his finger on the pulse of life, then you need a motorbike!

1. Adventure
Who can say no to packing up the bike and heading south? What about north, east or west? If your life lacks adventure, then forget the car, caravan or the RV, get yourself a bike and sign up for the best adventure of your life.

2. Find yourself
Feeling stressed? Work getting you down? Take some annual leave and head off into the great Australian wonderland with nothing to do and all day to do it in. Kick back, stop when and where you want and simply de-stress from your toxic lifestyle.

3. Bikes are cool
There is no arguing that bikes are cool and some bikes are even cooler than others. It is a fact of life that no-one can look as cool as a guy and his bike, just chilling out and heading down the road in the afternoon sunlight, with no agenda, but plenty of day left to ride.

4. Fun and exciting
Let’s be honest here, riding a motorcycle is fun and it’s exciting. Your heart starts to race a little faster, your mates look at you with envy, and the buzz and anticipation you feel as you head down the open road is something you will never understand – unless you ride a bike.

5. Parking
This might be a mundane reason for buying a motorcycle, but it is not to be sniffed at when you commute to work every day. Trying to find a car parking space and one that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg can be fraught with failure, but most motorbike parking is free and easy to find.

6. Eco-friendly
Saving the planet is a worthwhile aim and a motorcycle has a much smaller carbon footprint than a car or truck. Newer, modern motorcycle have great fuel efficiency, releasing fewer emissions and helping to save the planet. If you don’t want fun or adventure, then maybe being environmentally friendly is enough?

7. Cheaper to buy
Hands down, a brand new bike is so much cheaper to buy than a car, saving you oodles of money up front. Of course, if you need a car for the family and your motorcycle is just for fun, we have 9 other good reasons for getting your hands on that new bike!

8. Save on petrol
With the continual increase in petrol prices, filling up your motorcycle won’t put a dent in your pocket. Most new bikes are more than twice as fuel efficient as new cars, making them a sound investment, even if petrol prices keep increasing.

9. Friendship
On the open road, bike riders are one big family, coming together at rest stops or camping spots, sharing a beer and moving on the next day. Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of community like no other, setting you apart from everyone else on the road.

10. Freedom
On a bike you have more of a sense of freedom that you can ever achieve in a car, caravan or RV. You can take side roads, stop and start whenever you want, explore uncharted territory and be your own boss.


Ready to buy a new motorcycle and hit the road? Call National Finance Solutions and we will have you on your bike in no time at all. Check out our previous blog, 7 Top Tips For Hitting The Road With A Motorbike Loan In 2017, for a list of helpful pointers on your journey to motorcycle ownership.