A car lease (or ‘finance lease’) is a form of car finance which enables business owners, employees or contractors to have the use of a car (or other commercial vehicle) with immediate tax benefits and payments that can fit your budget. Leasing can provide you with a great opportunity to drive a brand new car every few years as a lease means you will only be paying for the use of the car, rather than actually owning it as an asset. This means that come the end of your lease agreement, you can either lease a brand new vehicle or purchase the car you have been using.


What Are The Benefits of Leasing a Car?


There are a number of cases where it’s better to lease a vehicle than buy one outright, including:


  • You get flexible contract terms ranging from 2-5 years
  • The interest rate doesn’t change
  • The monthly payment doesn’t change
  • All your costs are calculated in advance
  • You can apply a residual amount to the lease which reduces your monthly payments
  • If you use the car for business immediate tax deductions apply
  • You can make lease payments in advance, which can be handy at tax time


Financing options for both leasing and buying are readily available through National Finance Solutions. We tailor the finance to suit your needs, whether it be personal or business, our personal finance consultants can assist you to make the best choice for your situation. Although the most common finance solution is the traditional personal loan you should always consider all of the options. If you are not yet ready to finance and would like more information, read about them HERE in a recent blog from our parent company – Tony White Group.


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