Is your bank balance quickly depleting? What’s your strategy to pull yourself out of the red? Here is our survival guide for low-cash-flow situations; whereby not only do you come out of it in one piece, but you come out of it on top. Improve the health of your financial situation sooner, so you can enjoy life’s pleasures without the stress of closely monitoring your bank balance.

The first, all-important step is allowing yourself to panic for a moment. This is a normal and natural reaction to a stressful situation. Feeling a sense of stress and panic allows you to understand the magnitude of the situation, so you have a sensory cue to avoid for the future.

The second step requires a new perspective. Take a step back for a moment and ask yourself, “What is the true cause of this financial drought?” If you are to determine efficient and effective strategies to shift out of this financially challenging situation, you will need to think hard about the core of the problem now. You have no time, energy, or resources to waste.

The third step asks for an open mind when thinking about what the core cause may be. It may be subconscious. Or it may be a series of unstable financial events occurring at once. Often this ‘nudge’ into action arrives in a way that gets your attention immediately, waking you up to reality! Alternatively, you may unearth a practical problem. Maybe your budgeting strategy needs an overhaul? Are you paying too much for your bills? Do you need to reigning in your expenses so that you can begin saving?

The final step is to ask yourself, “Now I know what the core cause of the financial drought is, what strategies do I need to put in place in order to achieve this next level of success, now?” The strategies will begin to arrive into your awareness daily as you become more and more driven towards financial stability and success.

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