With Christmas fast approaching, there’s not much time left for buying gifts. Most of us have already bought many of our presents, but what do you do if you still haven’t come up with a gift idea for the dad in your life?

Whether your father, brother, partner, boyfriend or husband, it can be difficult to find the right gifts for dads at Christmas. If you are stuck not knowing what to buy the dad in your life, worry no more, because we have the best gifts for all car mad dads!

Auto Timing Chain & Gears Wall Clock

This is an awesome gift for car mad dads and will look great in their garage or work shed. The auto timing chain and gears wall clock is an industrial type clock made from reclaimed vehicle parts – an engine timing gear and chain. The designer, Steven Shaver, loves breathing new life into old car parts that people normally discard and is doing his part to save the planet by recycling these items into useable items.


This car escape tool is for serious emergencies and is sure to be something the dad in your life doesn’t own yet. Resqme is the sort of gift that you really don’t appreciate until you need it and combines a tool to smash the car window and cut the seat belt – ideal for when you need to exit the car fast and in difficult circumstances. This is a gift that can save someone’s life when they least expect it, making it the perfect gift for car lovers everywhere.


This tyre inflator and deflater is the ideal gift for all car enthusiasts. It comes with a rechargeable battery and an AC charger, as well as 3 nozzles, making it perfect for inflating tyres, toys, sports equipment, bike tyres, air mattresses and lots more. With the Airhawk inflator and deflator, tyres can be reinflated in just seconds and the digital LED gauge makes it easy to select the correct pressure.

Car Seat Gap Filler

These car seat gap fillers are an awesome idea for everyone who owns a car or 4WD. They prevent keys, money, phones and even French Fries from slipping down the side of the seats, something that everyone has experienced at one time or another. They fit neatly in the gap between the seat and centre console of just about any vehicle, stopping fingers becoming squashed down the side of seats trying to retrieve a lost item.

Car jump starters

A flat battery can happen to anyone, anytime, no matter how careful you are in checking the battery. With no warning, your car suddenly refuses to start, but instead of hanging around for road side assist to arrive, your car mad dad can now fix the problem with their own portable jump starter. There is a range of different car jump starter packs on the market for different prices, so you will easily find one that suits your budget.

Rare classic motorbikes

If your car mad dad loves motorbikes as well, then why not treat them to a rare classic motorbike this Christmas. Not for those with a small budget, these fabulous motorbikes are a collector’s delight and all are waiting for new homes in Australia. Check out the ABC 1920 built by Sopwith Engineering, the Ariel 1934 Square Four or the 1930 Harley Davidson 1200 with sidecar. You will seriously bring a smile to the dad in your life with one of these motorbikes under the tree!

With this list of Christmas gift ideas for car mad dads, you shouldn’t have any problems coming up with the perfect present this year. Don’t forget however, that if you need a financial loan over Christmas, call the team at National Finance Solutions on 1300 13 50 50 or get an online quote today.