It’s no wonder that Aussies love a good road trip; because we have such a wonderful country to explore. There is always something to see along the road, new places to stop, people to meet and questions to ask. In truth, there is nothing as good as piling into the car or 4WD and hitting the road for bringing a smile and a sense of anticipation to everyone’s faces.
Why fly from Brisbane to Sydney when you can enjoy yourselves much more by taking the New England Highway and stopping off at some of most beautiful rural towns in Australia? Why not drive to Rockhampton and explore the Sunshine Coast on the way? Flying might be faster and we might need to take to the air for many of our trips, but when the opportunity for a road trip presents itself, most Aussies grab it with both hands. So, if you are ready for your next road trip, even if it’s just a day trip to visit an unexplored beach or discover a new way to a favourite haunt, here are five must-haves to make your trip absolutely perfect.

1. Select the right road-trippers

The ideal road trip is composed of family or friends that all get along well together and can have lots of fun along the way. No-one wants someone in the car who whinges all the time and would prefer to have stayed at home. So do your best to pick a happy bunch for your road trip and if possible, make sure that there are at least two people who can share the driving, so everyone can enjoy the scenery along the way.

2. Select the right music

No road trip is complete without an awesome playlist, so before you hop in the car, always make sure that someone is in charge of the music for your trip. This is so much easier than it was ten or twenty years ago because you don’t have to worry about carrying around CDs, instead, you can just plug in your iPod or access iTunes Radio and you are good to go.

3. Don’t forget a camera

Yes, we know that just about everyone has a smartphone and can easily use the phone’s camera, but is that the best you can do? If you are going to visit some awesome places on your road trip, you will take much better pictures with a good SLR camera and a quality zoom lens. So ask around your road trip crew and find out who has the best camera for the job.

4. Pack a picnic

At some point during the day you are going to become hungry and the food at the roadside petrol stops isn’t always the best option. So a few days before your trip start thinking about putting together a good picnic basket with lots of snacks and plenty of water or soft drinks. Eating on the road is one of the pleasures of a road trip and eating your favourite picnic foods is even better!

5. Garbage bags

Driving in a car filled with empty bottles, cans and food wrappers is no fun, so always make sure to pack a few garbage bags to keep the inside of the car clean and comfortable. You can always dispose of these bags at your next rest stop, but whatever you do, don’t leave your rubbish lying around for too long in the car, particularly on a hot day.

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