Nothing says freedom, like pulling on the leathers and going for a ride down the open road. So why give that freedom away when you’re looking to finance your next motorbike? Whether your dream bike is a Harley Davidson, a Triumph, or a Ducati, it is important to understand the real cost of ownership and what your financial options are when it comes to financing.


The Motorbike

The price of motorcycles can vary wildly! To get an idea of average figures, a typical road bike suited to beginners can usually be picked up for around $10,000. Looking at recently the most expensive bike listed is worth $150,000; a brand new 2007 MV Agusta F4 CC (Claudio Castiglioni). In comparison, an early 2000’s Aprillia scooter is worth $500.



If you are over 25 and have a spotless driving record, you can get a pretty decent rate on insurance. If you choose to shop around for a great deal, you could potentially save yourself hundreds. However, knowing where to go can be difficult. At National Finance Solutions we not only provide you access to our most trusted finance brokers, we can also source the best insurance coverage for your new purchase with our comprehensive range of insurance products. Like our finance products, we source the best quotes from the most respected providers, compare every detail of their cover and present you with the best policies that match your unique requirements.


Equipment and Maintenance

Maintaining a motorbike can become an expensive exercise. Particularly when bikes need to be serviced more regularly than cars. Motorcycle tyres are easily the most expensive feature of the bike to maintain. You want to ensure you are purchasing quality tyres to support you on your ride. Depending on how hard you ride, you may have to change at least the rear tire every 5,000 kilometres or so. Add in regular oil changes, chain maintenance, and various other odds and ends and, if you ride often, you can expect to spend at least $2,000 to $3,000 per year just on maintenance.



You will need a helmet, a Kevlar motor jacket, and leather gloves and boots. Sure, you can ride in jeans, but in the event of an accident, it is better to be safe than sorry. Wearing appropriate protective clothing is HIGHLY recommended.


Getting Started

Once you’ve decided to buy a bike, the last thing you want to do is wait. Our easy loan application process will help you get the bike loan of your choice quickly and with our no deposit finance option you don’t have to worry about cash flow. New, used or private sales are all welcome at National Finance Solutions. Don’t be tied down to a big bank – contact us today to get things moving!