Sometimes it can take so long to save up for something special, because of all the emergencies that eat into your pot of money, that you forget what you were saving for in the first place!

The solution is to take out a personal loan and start getting on with your life, instead of worrying about your savings target, which keeps moving further away from you with every passing year.

The majority of Aussies tend to take out a personal loan for four reasons: to consolidate their debts, to buy a car, to renovate their homes or to take a well-earned break on a fabulous holiday. Let’s take a look at each of these, in turn, to see if a personal loan is a solution to your problems.

Getting ahead with debt consolidation loans

When you borrow money the wrong way, you can end up with a mountain of different debts that you have no hope of repaying in any reasonable time frame. The interest on all these debts, particularly if you have multiple credit cards that are swimming in debt, can put you under very quickly, so what’s the solution?

A low-interest personal loan will let you make one single repayment every pay cycle and help you to finally get a grip on your finances and your debt. As long as you don’t take out more debts and run your credit cards wild again, you should quickly see your debt reducing and you can look forward to finally getting ahead with your finances. Imagine being debt free in two or three years? How good is that!

Getting ahead with a car loan

For the vast majority of Australians, a car is essential for themselves and their families. Most of us travel to work in our cars and of course, there is taking the kids to school, as well as after-school activities, shopping, visiting relatives and a host of other reasons why we need a car as opposed to taking public transport or taxis.

We also need a reliable car that won’t need a mountain of expensive repairs any time soon and that means a car that either isn’t very old or is brand new. Trying to save up for a car that costs $2500 can be difficult for most of us, but that won’t buy a reliable car and will likely cost you more in repairs than what it cost to buy in the first place.

The solution is to invest in a personal loan and buy the car your family needs, then simply arrange your repayments so that they make the minimum dent in your budget. Problem solved!

Getting ahead with a renovation loan

How many of us only renovate our homes when we are moving, so we can jack up its value and its price? Why wait until you are leaving to renovate your home, why not make the changes today and enjoy them yourselves? It’s a sure bet that when you see someone in your street renovating that you will soon see a sale sign outside their house, which is such a shame when a personal loan can give you the home of your dreams!

Don’t you deserve a new kitchen or bathroom, even a fabulous patio with swimming pool and entertainment area? If you love your home and location, but your home is no longer giving you the lifestyle you need, why spend thousands on agent’s fees to move somewhere else when you can put that money towards your renovations?

A personal loan can bridge the gap and help you to renovate your home in style, giving you the lifestyle you deserve with really easy and affordable repayments.

Getting ahead with a holiday loan

Are you always postponing your holiday because you just spent your savings on a new car, renovations or helping your kids get out of debt? Have you worked hard all your life making extra mortgage repayments and now you need a really long holiday? Maybe you are in your early twenties and want to spread your wings and travel before you decide what to do with your life?

There are so many different reasons to take a short or even an extended holiday, but saving for it can mean that you just never get there! A personal loan will give you the holiday you deserve and with affordable payments spread over a number of years, you can finally get out into the world, de-stress and have some serious fun!

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