With the end of the financial year rapidly approaching, now is the time to reap as many tax benefits as you can for your business in the current financial year. However, if you leave purchasing new vehicles and equipment until July, you will have to wait a whole 12 months before you can claim any depreciations or other tax benefits.

This means that you need to decide whether a personal or a commercial loan is best for these major purchases. As you can imagine, a personal loan might not give you the optimum tax benefits for your business, however, your tax accountant can guide you towards the correct type of finance that best suits your situation.

Finance solutions fast-tracked

Regardless of the type of finance you need, our stress-free process fast tracks your application, so that you can make these major acquisitions as soon as possible, and before the current tax year ends. Our finance solutions have been crafted for all of your major business and personal purchases – simply give us a call and we will have you approved ASAP.

Personal vehicle and large acquisition finance

If you decide that acquiring a new vehicle or major piece of equipment is best achieved with a personal loan, we can pre-approve your loan, so that you can get the very best deals at the dealerships, before the financial year ends.

Commercial vehicle and large acquisition finance

We have a range of astute finance solutions for major commercial purchases, all of which are structured to save you as much tax as possible, while at the same time growing and expanding your business.

Aircraft and aviation finance: At National Finance Solutions, we offer finance for the purchase of civil aircraft for both private and business use. We finance light aircraft, twin-prop, fixed wing and helicopters, as well as private and corporate jets, so call us today and maximise your EOFY tax benefits.

Technology finance: Keeping your business up to date with the latest technology can be a big drain on your capital. This means that it pays to take advantage of the EOFY deals with a finance solution that fast tracks your acquisitions and gives your business a serious competitive edge.

Equipment finance: We specialise in short term finance for leased equipment that helps you fulfil specialised orders or service contracts without spending your hard earned capital. Buying or leasing equipment is also made easy with our range of crafted finance options, designed to keep your business moving and your bank balance growing.

Truck finance: Maintaining your fleet of trucks on the road is essential to your business, so if you need to buy or lease trucks, you want an astute financing package that offers you the lowest interest rates over the long term. At National Finance Solutions, we make sure your loan is approved fast, so you can take advantage of the EOFY deals.

Agriculture finance: Seasonal businesses need low-interest finance solutions with a high level of flexibility in their payments to account for the fluctuating nature of their industry. Outlaying capital for major equipment that is only used intermittently throughout the year is not a good business decision, which is why we offer you fast tracked finance solutions, crafted specifically for agribusinesses to get the very best EOFY deals.

Plant & machinery finance: Competition within the mining, manufacturing and the heavy industries is fierce, so having access to the right equipment at the right time can make a huge difference to your success. Whether you want to lease or buy equipment, plants or machinery for your business, we have the perfect finance solution that will keep your business moving forward.

Call us on 1300 13 50 50 or get an online quote today and you can maximise your tax benefits before the end of the financial year.