So you’ve got your bike finance in order, you found and purchased your dream bike and now you’re ready to hit the road? Make sure you don’t forget the most important accessory for your new ride; your motorbike helmet.  Finding the right helmet for your needs is vital on the roads, not only by law but for your safety and comfort, too. While you’re excited about your new motorbike lifestyle, whether on-road or off-road, your helmet is the essential safety feature that might be all that sits between you and severe injury; so choose wisely.

While there are a lot of different colours and styles available for helmets, certain styles are more appropriate than others, depending on the type of bike you have. This is because different bikes have different positioning and riding styles, which changes the way a helmet will sit on your head. Let’s take a look at the suggested helmets for several specific kinds of motorbikes.

Touring Style Bike Helmets

Touring motorbikes are meant for long, cross-country rides, so your helmet will be on your head for long periods of time and you need to be in an upright position. With this in mind, it will need to be extremely comfortable, well ventilated, lightweight, quiet (reduced wind noise), and most importantly, safe. Finding a helmet with lining that is soft AND light isn’t easy, especially when these two objectives are so important, but it’s worth shopping around and investing in the right one, because let’s face it, it’s an investment in your life. Our pick? The Nolan N44 Touring Helmet. It’s versatile, lightweight, comfortable and well-ventilated; perfect for changing conditions on the road.

Sports or Racing Style Bike Helmets

When riding a sports or racing motorbike, riders are in a full tuck position. This means their helmet needs to have great ventilation while in a frontal crouch position, generally the vents on these helmets will be further back than their Touring Helmet counterparts. These helmets are designed for a snug, precise fit for increased protection, especially if riding as higher speeds.

Sports-Touring Style Bike Helmets

Sports-Touring motorbikes are basically a hybrid between the Touring and Racing varieties, giving them the versatility to be used in both environments.  These helmets generally have a more protruding chin for added ventilation whilst maintaining safety on the road. They feature a road helmet style face shield but also have the ability for riders to wear goggles, as necessary for off-road and cross-country riding.

Remember, once you have your safe, comfortable and suitable helmet, you’ll also need to make sure you have the right clothing, including jackets, gloves and boots, so you’re as safe as possible on the road.

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