Fast cars, motorbikes, boats, jet skis, 4WDs, camper trailers and caravans. These are just some of the toys that we all love, but can’t always easily afford. Some of us can pay cash for these luxuries. For most of us we need a little financial help if we want to fill our lives with the joy and the fun we deserve; which can only be achieved by owning at least one of these boys toys/luxury items. Luckily for you, we know our stuff at National Finance Solutions – Australia’s #1 Leisure Asset Financer. So let’s delve deeper into your financing options and the kind of loans available. You’ll soon be living the high life in your new boat, riding your new jet ski, or behind the wheel of a brand new truck. The possibilities are endless!

Dealership Loans

When you purchase your car, motorbike, caravan, or other luxury item from a dealership, they almost always offer you finance. The problem is that they can load your loan in such a way that you pay most of the interest early in the loan period. You might find some dealerships with competitive rates, but invariably, you will always pay more with a dealership loan than with any other type of loan.

Personal Loans From Banks

These are a good option if you can’t afford to pay cash for your purchase or want to keep your savings in the bank. The problem is that you quite often have to work hard to find the most competitive rates, although once found, they can be very competitive. On the negative side, personal loans take time and you won’t receive an OK from your bank the same day, instead you will have to wait until your application has meandered through their system.

Home Equity or Redraw Loans

If you have built up equity in your home, or perhaps you have a redraw facility on your home loan, this can be the right time to realise all of your leisure asset dreams. This process can become a little intrinsic, so it’s best to seek financial advice from your home loan provider or bank before making your leisure asset purchase.

Online Finance Loans

A new way to obtain personal loans, online finance, is rapidly becoming more and more popular among Australians. Firstly, you have access to a financial broker with years of experience in the industry who can take all of the stress out of finding the best loan for your needs. Second, online finance solutions want your business, so they go out of their way to source the most competitive rates for their customers (a very time consuming task if you were to attempt it alone). Don’t forget that approvals for online loans are fast with an easy application process and no deposit needed.


When you borrow money for your leisure vehicles and equipment, you want someone who can compare all of the different interest rates and find you the most competitive loan on the market. National Finance Solutions have a reputation for being leaders in the loans industry, and with an extensive network of financial lenders, we are well-known for finding the most competitive rates for our clients. Looking for more information before finalising your Leisure Loan? Check out one of our other recent blogs, Applying For A Leisure Loan: 5 Considerations, or speak to our friendly team today – we’ll happily point you in the right direction and provide you a quote too.