Australia is blessed with some of the best coastal fishing spots in the world – probably one of the many reasons why we Aussies love fishing so much! Owning your own fishing boat gives you the freedom to fish wherever and whenever you want too, spending quality time with your family or fishing buddies, dreaming of catching the big one…

So if you love fishing and are looking for a fabulous spot for your next fishing trip, here are our top 7 coastal fishing destinations around Australia.

  1. Arnhemland, Northern Territory

For many ardent fishermen, Arnhemland is definitely on their bucket list and is the one of the best spots for catching Barramundi on the planet. This area is quite remote, so you need a good 4WD, fishing boat and camping gear, but once you have your permit in hand, the creeks and rivers offer you a wealth of fish and a trip you will always remember.


  1. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

If you want sun, sand, beautiful coral islands and plenty of fishing every day, then the Great Barrier Reef is the place for your next trip. From Cairns up towards the Cape, you can catch marlin, tuna, barracuda, trevally and a host of other tropical fish as well. Try your hand at estuary fishing, spearfishing, reef fishing and fly fishing – whatever your flavour, the Great Barrier Reef has it in spades.


  1. Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth is another of Australia’s fabulous coral reefs, offering a diverse range of fishing opportunities. With crystal clear waters and plenty of sunshine, this remote area of WA is home to a dazzling display of fish, from queen fish, trevally and tuna to milkfish, bonefish and mahi mahi. You can try a variety of fishing styles here and even hire a local to show you the best places to fish.


  1. Gippsland, Victoria

Gippsland offers you lakes, estuaries, rivers and beautiful coastal beaches all year round. Head inland for rainbow trout and to the coast for whiting, trevally and bream. This is a great spot for a fishing and camping trip for all the family, giving everyone the chance to catch their own fish and cook it over the campfire.


  1. Port Stephens, New South Wales

A favourite with many Australians, Port Stephens offers game fishing, as well as bream, snapper and kingfish. Lure fishing is very popular in this area and draws people from far and wide. There are also some wonderful kid friendly camping spots in Port Stephens, offering you a stress free fishing trip with the family.


  1. Port Lincoln, South Australia

The fertile fishing grounds of the Eyre Peninsula are well known for their abundance of fish and are a very popular destination for many Aussie fishermen. You can catch bluefin tuna here, as well as snapper, salmon, garfish and squid. Add in the plethora of camping grounds, beautiful scenery and fabulous weather and you can’t go wrong with a fishing trip to Port Lincoln.


  1. St Helens, Tasmania

If you want to try your hand at coastal fishing in Tassie, then head over to St Helens on the east coast. Here, you have both coastal and estuary fishing with snapper, bream, salmon, garfish and cod, all caught frequently by the locals. You can also indulge in game fishing in deeper waters and there are plenty of beaches and beautiful camping spots in the area.


Owning your own boat opens up a whole new world of fishing adventure. However, the type of boat you purchase, depends on the type of fishing you want to continue doing. For river and estuary fishing in water that is usually quiet and calm, a flat bottomed aluminium or fibreglass boat with an open deck, side console an outboard engine is usually sufficient. For coastal and offshore fishing trips, you really need a deep v-hulled boat, and those with a centre console, cabin and outboard motor are very popular.


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