Whether you are an old hand at caravanning or you have just invested in your very first caravan, there is always something new to learn in the world of caravan enthusiasts. Anything from realising that your privacy is long gone to finding that the showers are freezing cold by lunchtime and that emptying the on-board toilet is no joking matter!

Camping and caravanning is a joy that only enthusiasts can appreciate, so here are our top 7 practical must-knows about this iconic Aussie past-time.

  1. Early mornings are the norm: Whether people are heading off for a day sightseeing, going to the beach or packing up to move to the next campsite, it seems as if everyone is up at the crack of dawn. All this activity means a lot of noise, so don’t expect to sleep in all morning at camp sites.
  2. Your life is on display: Whatever you do is seen by everyone else and campers love to watch all the goings-on in their vicinity. From reversing your caravan into its parking spot to cooking dinner or shouting at the kids, you no longer have any privacy, which is something you will just have to get used to in camp sites.
  3. Always ask if in doubt: With camping and caravanning a great Aussie past-time, there is always someone who can answer your questions and give you valuable tips. So don’t hesitate to ask just about anyone at the camp site for help, because it is always enthusiastically given.
  4. Ramp up caravan security: Always insure your caravan and contents against damage or loss, use a secure axle clamp and hitch lock to prevent someone unhitching your caravan and driving off, and install an alarm and a tracking device to be on the safe side. Make sure that the door and window locks are heavy duty and take photos of your caravan (interior and exterior), as well as any expensive accessories for future claims.
  5. Invest in solar power: The easiest way to generate power on the road is to use solar panels. The best setup is an MPPT regulator that is connected to the panels in a series, but always make sure that the panels are kept clean at all times, as well as ensuring that the battery bank is bigger than you think you need. Also talk to the experts about the right size cables to prevent a voltage drop, due to the distance between the panels and the batteries.
  6. Camping cooking tips: To minimise the amount of power you use cooking on the road boil a pot of water and keep it hot in a large thermos flask. You can then drop uncooked rice or dried vegetables into the flask and they will cook in no time at all. Of course, the ultimate power saving tip is to cook over an open fire, which adds a lovely smoky flavour to your meals and besides, everyone loves sitting around a camp fire at the end of the day.
  7. A caravan will test your relationship: Without a doubt, being in close quarters for weeks on end will seriously test your relationship! Traveling for hours at a time and living in such close quarters would test the patience of a saint, so expect that you might have the odd terse word or argument on the road and just move on. If nothing else, you will entertain your neighbours in the camp site if you do have ding-dong!

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