We all love a good life hack. Especially when it comes to our cars. What essentials do you pack in your car? Check out some of these car-hacks for travel, driving, parking, and vehicle maintenance. And the best part is, they don’t require fancy devices or expensive accessories. Let’s make things a little easier…




Regardless of what device you use (i.e. Navman, Google maps, the maps app on your smartphone), travelling by GPS not only prevents you from getting lost but will often save you time and fuel by navigating the fastest, most efficient route.


HACK #2: Pizza Warmers


There is nothing better than picking up a hot, fresh pizza. But microwaving them when you get home just isn’t the same as eating it straight from the hot oven. Keep your pizzas, or any other takeaway food, warm by turning on the passenger seat warmer in your car (this of course only works if you have a new car with this feature installed).


HACK #3: Quick Cooling


Another handy car hack to cool your car when the mercury rises in summer is to roll down one window, then open and close the opposite door a few times. It helps to move out all the hot, stale air before blasting the air conditioner. Make sure your air is fresh first so that you can stay cool and comfortable.


HACK #4: Bogged


If you get stuck in the mud and don’t have any traction aids with you immediately, the floor mats in your car can help to add traction under the wheels. This also works for snow and sand, depending on the environment you are in.


HACK #5: Windscreen Cracks


A chip windscreen is just one of those things that can grow quickly into a big inconvenience. Applying clear nail polish to both sides of windscreen chip/crack helps to prevent them getting worse before you can get a professional fix it. While this hack can be a huge help, it is highly recommended you seek professional advice soon after to get it properly fixed, so that a small chip doesn’t turn into a big crack!


HACK #6: Pool Noodle


Is your garage getting a little tight? Avoid dinging the doors of your car with some simple padding on the walls. Cut a pool noodle in half lengthways and attach it to the garage wall at the height of the car door. You can simply use an adhesive like craft or super glue, or even removable tapes. Any time you open the door too far it will just bounce off of the pool noodle. Simple!


HACK #7: Tennis Ball Parking Guide


Judging how far to pull into your garage can be a guessing game at the best of times. A good indicator of how far to pull in is to hang a tennis ball from the garage ceiling. You could use a ball and string combination like from an old totem tennis game. The tennis ball will touch your windscreen when you’re the correct distance from the garage wall.


Car hacks can be very helpful. But sometimes, it may be a new car you’re looking for. Is it time to upgrade your car for a newer model? This is where National Finance Solutions can help. Our relationship with Tony White Group dealerships means they can help you find the perfect car for your needs and then we’ll organise financing package. Find out more about how National Finance Solutions can assist you to fund your next car. Get in touch with our friendly team today!