There are so many ways to explore this vast country but we thought we would remind you of just a few of the reasons why a camper trailer is one of the best ways to do it.

The best way to tour Australia’s national parks!

With over 500 destinations across the country, Australia’s range national parks have every type of terrain covering an incredible 28 million hectares, that’s almost 4% of the country! To check out some of our favourite places to go check out our recent blog on the top 10 places in Australia to camp.

A great investment in the next 10 years of family holidays

Often when you purchase a camper trailer it’s warranty is over 10 years, that is 10 years of guaranteed holidays. In a recent study for the Caravan Industry demonstrated that Australians are excellent at taking full advantage of this by making 11. 7 million trips, spending and 51.6 million nights in total when it came to using their camper trailers and caravans to this wonderful country. With 21,841 recreational vehicles were manufactured last year and the mechanics and capabilities improving with every month, investing in a camper trailer is a no-brainer!

Save money on every trip!

You don’t need to take your family to a restaurant when you can serve them up breakfast lunch and dinner in the great outdoors. A camper trailer allows you to stop off anywhere and cook up a feast that is easy, nutritious and most importantly cheap! To find out more about how to budget for your trip read our handy blog on Budgeting for your caravan lap of Australia.

Forget queuing in expensive restaurants and having to fork out up to $80 for a family of 4. Over a week-long trip that can really add up! Not to mention the obvious benefit of having your accommodation sorted, handy apps like wiki camps can even show you free campsites in your vicinity!

Camper Trailers are lighter to tow

Camper trailers are compact and light giving you more viewing space from the driver’s seat to the rear. They also aren’t as heavy as caravans which will make for easy towing and cheaper too!

It is cheaper than a caravan

The cost of a caravan can range from $10,000 to $100,000. Camper trailers are generally cheaper. You can even find a cheap used camper trailer at $5,500. The trick is to search and compare values before buying it. Whether you want something basic or something really comfortable, such as this Savannah Camper Trailer; there’s a camper trailer to suit every taste and budget. If time is not on your side you can always speak to your leisure finance specialist at NFS as they already know the industry, and what you are looking for to match your budget.

At one with nature

A camper trailer allows you to feel like you are camping under the stars. What better way to get closer to be at one with nature than a camper trailer that offers an open canvas roofing and sides that are open to allow our fresh Aussie air to circulate.

Have we convinced you a brand new camper trailer is the way to go? National Finance Solutions  can help you get a loan today. We proudly specialise in leisure asset finance and offer fast and easy pre-approvals making your holidays for years to come an absolute breeze! Get in touch with our team or apply for a quick quote online today and let us help make your camper trailer dreams become a reality.


Image: Savannah Camper Trailer, Austrack Campers